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Do You Know The Five Truths About Attitude?

Do you know how attitude impacts leadership?  Have you thought about it and done work as you learn to become a better leader?  This much I know, Attitude is always a player on your team!  Good attitudes among players on your team do not guarantee success, but bad attitudes guarantee failure!  Here are the five truths about attitudes  and how they affect teamwork and a leader’s team:

  1. Attitudes have the power to lift up or tear down a team
  2. An attitude compounds when exposed to others
  3. Bad attitudes compound faster than good attitudes
  4. Attitudes are subjective, so identifying a wrong one can be difficult
  5. Rotten attitudes, left alone, ruin everything

Choosing the right attitude and leading with it is essential, first and foremost.  Dealing with a person whose attitude is bad can be a very tricky thing.  Before you try to address the issue, you might benefit from a closer look at attitudes and how they affect an individual.  That is where Leadership Coaching comes in.  If you would like to learn more about attitudes, let’s engage in a leadership discussion.  It is as simple as emailing for a one on one discussion where I, as a Coach, can help you!

Until we talk, I wish you much success and more WOOHOOing in your business and life!

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How we helped Brett Lascko grow as a leader.

“I’m still working with Rich, I’m not done quite yet. He’s been helping me deal with people issues in my office and helps me become a better communicator. We do coaching calls every week and it helps me grow as a leader. It also helps promote people within my company to be better leaders for the people that are working for them within my company. And sometimes it’s like talking to a therapist! It’s an attentive ear that I can talk to that gives me good information on things to try both inside and outside of our company.

I can say that any time I call he’ll answer or he’ll call back. I haven’t had any problems showing up or making appointments. Any hour of the day, even the weekend, he’s always there for me if I need help. I can’t say anything bad about that at all!”
Brett Lascko

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What Can We Learn from Coach Izzo and His Basketball Team?

What can we learn about learning and leadership from Michigan State basketball? I’m a huge MSU fan, and regardless of the outcome of any given game, I love the leadership principles that Tom Izzo teaches to his team. Today, I want to highlight some of those principles and challenge you to think about your endeavor and what you’re doing as you identify whether you’re a leader or a learner!

Tom Izzo has four seniors on his basketball team right now. That is his goal: to grow individuals through the four years they are with him, continually challenging them to get better. At the end of four years, their leadership has been well-developed!

We can learn that leadership skills don’t just happen; it takes a process. It’s not a one-and-done process at Michigan State. It’s common for players to leave their college team and go to the NBA after only one year. The problem for those players, of course, is that they still need to learn leadership, which cannot be learned in a day or even a season!

There are a lot of underclassman on Izzo’s team that are learning some amazing principles from the seniors. They are followers and learners who are continuing to get better! Early in the year, we had a player who was really struggling to play defense, but recently, because he is a learner and is engaging in a process, he is playing amazing defense right now!

The great season Michigan State is having right now can be attributed to leadership, great coaching, and learners. The players are engaging in and believing in a system of getting better! That’s what the Woohooing success community and coaching process is all about: leadership, learning, and growing to achieve the desired results!

Rich Lohman pull quote 03.22.16
This isn’t just about Michigan State — they are just a great example of these principles and an inspirational team. If you have questions about how you can adopt these principles to your team, your business, or your life, join our community today! We would love to have you!

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