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Are you Positive or Negative?

WOOHOOing Word of the Day: Positive

Are you positive?  What I mean by this, is, are you staying positive no matter what your results are?  We all know that not all results turn out the way we want them to.  Sometimes, based on circumstances outside of our control, results turn out different than we intend.  Now, when results are good, it’s easy to remain positive.  But what about when results aren’t what we want?  Do you become negative?

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Learn how to take ownership of results with these 5 steps

Most of us want more and better results in our businesses but don’t take ownership and responsibility for those desired results.  So why is it that we often don’t achieve those big results?  Well, for starters we have built in excuses.  The 3 most common excuses I come across when meeting with people are as follow:

  1. Big results don’t happen to ordinary people like me.  The excuse doesn’t always come out in those exact words but that is what they are saying and that is what others are hearing.
  2. “I am so far away from the results I want I just can’t ever see achieving them and the work to get there seems so hard!”  Reality is, with life expectancy getting longer with medical advancements, we all have plenty of time to achieve our dreams and desired results in business.
  3. “Now is not the right time!”  When is ever the right time?  That is just an excuse that puts higher priority on something else.  We are all going to have 24 hours each day and now is a perfect time to go after our desire results for our business and life!

Here are 5 ways you can take ownership and personal responsibility for you and your results and start to achieve more WOOHOOing:

  1. Bet on yourself!
  2. Lead your life instead of accepting your life.  Take a course, learn about leadership.  Apply what you learn and grow into the results you desire.  Hire a coach to help you!
  3. Do what you love and love what you do.  Know your why and find your passion and chase it vigorously.
  4. Don’t compare yourself or your results to others.  You desired results are yours.  It does you no good to look at others and where they are at on their journey.  Just know where you are at on your journey and assess your next steps and take the proper action on them.
  5. Believe in your future and desired results even if others don’t.  A few thoughts here; eliminate your own negative self talk and replace it with positive “I am statements”, surround yourself only with lifters, encouragers, helpers, and supports of your desire results, and create beliefs that support your future.

I hope you found this helpful.  I want to support and encourage you to take ownership and responsibility for your desired results and go achieve them!  To your success and more WOOHOOing in your business and life!

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Do You Know The Five Truths About Attitude?

Do you know how attitude impacts leadership?  Have you thought about it and done work as you learn to become a better leader?  This much I know, Attitude is always a player on your team!  Good attitudes among players on your team do not guarantee success, but bad attitudes guarantee failure!  Here are the five truths about attitudes  and how they affect teamwork and a leader’s team:

  1. Attitudes have the power to lift up or tear down a team
  2. An attitude compounds when exposed to others
  3. Bad attitudes compound faster than good attitudes
  4. Attitudes are subjective, so identifying a wrong one can be difficult
  5. Rotten attitudes, left alone, ruin everything

Choosing the right attitude and leading with it is essential, first and foremost.  Dealing with a person whose attitude is bad can be a very tricky thing.  Before you try to address the issue, you might benefit from a closer look at attitudes and how they affect an individual.  That is where Leadership Coaching comes in.  If you would like to learn more about attitudes, let’s engage in a leadership discussion.  It is as simple as emailing for a one on one discussion where I, as a Coach, can help you!

Until we talk, I wish you much success and more WOOHOOing in your business and life!

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