E Coaching

Designed for the entrepreneur, small business owner, or individual too busy to even have time during the day to commit to coaching sessions.  E-Coaching is the perfect answer for the person who wants help but doesn’t have time or isn’t ready to commit to 1:1 Individual Coaching.

Individual Coaching

One person (the coach) speaking to another (the player) in a manner that helps the player see what actions need to be taken to achieve the result they desire. This involves the player taking actions they would not have taken on their own or within the same time frame.

Business Coaching

The business coach works primarily with the leader and management of a business, in addition to the employees. The commitment of our business coaches is for clients to have an extraordinary business and personal life. We know we are effective when we leave our client(s) empowered and effective at coaching their business, employees and themselves toward this possibility.

Executive Coaching

An executive of a company works with a coach in areas they experience disempowerment or impossibility. Such areas might include leadership skills, communication, problem solving, facilitation, etc.

Which is the best fit for you?

To understand and determine which is the best fit for you, it takes a brief 15-30 minute conversation to understand you, your situation, your needs, and how we might be able to help you.  If you would like a hassle free conversation please fill out the form below.

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