Description: Coaching is an on-going conversation where we provide encouragement, guidance and honest feedback, as YOU pursue YOUR personal and professional goals. We fully expect you to grow your business, by attaining your goals! In today’s competitive environment, some of the most successful business leaders have experienced tremendous benefits from coaching.

Results have included increased revenue and productivity, career advancement, higher employee retention, and the development of more effective business strategies. YOU will define the agenda. YOUR results will vary depending on how long we work together and what actions YOU take. Our clients are expected to and have experienced measurable return on investment, increased productivity, and up to 200% revenue growth.

Objectives: Our responsibility is to provide content, insight, tools, wisdom, framework, ideas, and feedback. YOUR responsibility is to move from awareness to action and accountability. Our coaching provides many structures for you to meet your individual and organizational goals.

The objectives of coaching include, but are not limited to:

  • Adding an objective and supportive third party to your leadership team Increasing accountability of your personal and professional goals
  • Improving specific skills related to your role. Such as managerial skills, communication, conflict resolution, time management, productivity, and effectiveness
  • Sharing best practices from other organizations that have done similar work
  • Reviewing strategic business decisions related to operations, customer service, marketing, financials, and more
  • Being a sounding board
  • Preventing problems, thereby avoiding expensive, time consuming or embarrassing actions
  • Supporting your growth past your limiting beliefs
  • Relationship development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mentoring
  • Creating a team atmosphere

The process will work through a unique five part methodology to help the individual:

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  • Creating Clarity
  • Creating Confidence
  • Creating Competence
  • Creating Craft
  • Maximizing Conditions


To explore the coaching process, fill in the form below and someone from our team will be in contact with you.  We will give you a risk free, private conversation to help you determine if coaching is a good fit for you.

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Read what one of our happy clients had to say about their Individual Coaching Experience:

I had actually been looking for someone to coach me in the real estate industry for a few months, but I didn’t know exactly where to look or who to contact about this. I met Rich at a WMLAR class at which he was the presenter; from the moment he walked in the room and shouted WOOHOO, I knew he was the right one.

Rich is amazing at what he does. He is absolutely loaded with enthusiasm, but what makes that enthusiasm so special is when you realize that it’s YOUR success that fuels his energy. He is funny, thoughtful, and incredibly knowledgeable. He challenges you to do things you never realized you were capable of. Rich is surprisingly skilled at helping you discover the right path to take and he’s also gifted at coming up with creative ideas to boost your business. If you allow yourself to be challenged, Rich will show you what you are really capable of – and you’ll be amazed.

Perhaps the most important lesson I learned from Rich, a catchphrase he uses often, is taking “massive and inspired action.” It took me a while to really understand the meaning behind this phrase and I’m so lucky that I get it now. It really is a key to living a successful life on many, many levels.

Coaching with Rich was the most beneficial move for my career I could have made. He gave me creative ideas, yes; but more importantly, he challenged me to be great. I suggest you take this liberating challenge; the confidence that awakens from this trickles into every area of your life – far beyond the workforce. There is no person I would not recommend his services to. Thanks for everything, Coach!~Lindsey L, Realtor

“I have been working with Rich for about three years. My business has exploded more than three-fold! Implementing his coaching has continued to grow my business ever since my first one-on-one coaching session with him. He’s been a great motivator and accountability partner. I could see the results in the first six week! He has stuck with me, and turned many bad days around completely. He follows up outside of the coaching program, which is phenomenal!”