John Maxwell Call


Living with Intention in 2016

Featuring John C. Maxwell

The live call has ended, but you can access the recording!



It’s fun to consider massive ambitious life changes to achieve a happier life. But really, it’s the small stuff — the daily interactions — that make up the actual life we’re living. So how do you create a life that matters out of your daily grind?

“Do you agree that adding value to people has high value? Can you see that being intentional about it is a key to living a life of significance and having a life that matters? If so, then you’re probably wondering how you should try to add value. To know the answer, ask yourself these three questions…” – John C. Maxwell, Intentional Living

If you want a life-changing journey that will start with small actions today, and still be changing your life for the better a year from now — and the next year after that — then this Intentional Living call is for you.