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Do you want to learn how to become more successful in everything you do and start to reach the potential inside of you? Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others?

Hi, my name is Rich Lohman and I am the WOOHOOing Business Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. I have been coaching, speaking, and training business owners, entrepreneurs, and people in all levels of business since 2008. Since 2008 I have helped countless people grow themselves to reach closer to their potential and achieve greater levels of success.  I have researched the coaching community, learned a lot about myself, and learned a ton about people in general.

This much I know, sometimes people need encouragement, some people need direction and better strategies, some people need guidance, some people need to develop skills, and most of all I have found that people either need someone to believe in them or they need to start believing in themselves.  What I have found is that if a person can’t master the way they think, if they can’t create new habits that will better serve them, if they don’t know how to influence and lead other people, they will in fact be stuck generating the same results over and over again, leading to frustration.

I want to change that pattern with and for people.  That is why I have developed the WOOHOOing Success Community!  This community is designed to give you 3 things:

  1. Education.  I will teach one to two times per week on business and leadership topics (that’s 50-100 lessons in a year!) meant to challenge and inspire you to the growth needed to reach towards your potential.  The teaching will be delivered through a group conference call.  A portion of each call will be reserved for Q&A on either the topic that was delivered or any business question you may have.  This will allow you to receive coaching at a fraction of the cost of 1 on 1 coaching.  Each call will be recorded and archived just in case you have to miss a call due to a scheduling conflict.  As part of each teaching session, there will be a few reflective questions for you to determine areas of needed growth.
  2. Inspiration.  A major part of the WOOHOOing Success Community will be the daily inspiration within the private group.  I will provide much of it and I will challenge all participants to regularly provide inspiration in the form of successes, victories, aha’s, and WOOHOO’s!  A integral part of this will be in the accountability we each provide one another.
  3. Coaching.  The last piece of the WOOHOOing Success Community will be the coaching and support you will receive as you work to stretch and grow into the results you desire.  You will have the ability to ask any business or leadership related questions you would like and get the coaching you need to help you achieve the best results.  The support will come from the community.  I anticipate that new relationships will be created, new business endeavors will happen between 2 or more community members, and we will all be better for being a part of the community.

I truly believe that having a community like this will be life changing for everyone.  With the right education, inspiration, and coaching/support YOU will have a life changing next 12 months as you break old habits and create new ones that will best serve you to reach your goals, realize your dreams, and achieve the success you desire!

$49 a month.