What Comprises a Coaching Relationship?

At one of my recent speaking events, a couple people asked me what my coaching sessions are like.
When somebody goes through to the onboarding phase of coaching, they go through three basic modules, starting with one that reaffirms what the coaching relationship is. The second is a discovery module of about 25 questions that help me understand who a person is, and how I can help them get unstuck or move forward in the coaching sessions.
The third module is all about understanding the process of the objectives. What are we reaching for? What are we going towards? What do we want to accomplish? Sometimes it’s to double income, sometimes it’s to improve leadership with their team; there’s a myriad of reasons.
Rich Lohman pull quote 05.02.16
The in-coaching, as I would call it, and how I help my clients, starts before the session when my clients answer five very specific questions that are very transformational.

The questions are:
1. What were your successes in the last week?
2. What did you say you were going to do that you didn’t get done?
3. How are you feeling based on your performance this week?
4. What do you want to do over the next week?
5. How can I help you as a coach?

Those five questions then engage us in a conversation. There’s a skill and a craft in the relationship that I form with people as well as the process that I go through in coaching. It’s easy for me to describe but hard to understand if you haven’t been through it.
At the very end, I will ask very specific questions yet again to confirm what you say you’re going to do over the next week.
Then I always ask, “On a scale of 1-10, how was this time that we spent together?” Then there’s the post-session notes that we share with each other as we go through the transformation process.
Hopefully, that helps you better understand how I help my clients. It’s a very detailed process so that we’re always moving forward. If you think it could be useful for you, send me an email, a text or a call with any questions I can help you with!