Closing Out 2012 – A Reflection

2012 - A year of WOOHOOingWhat an amazing year.  It is hard to fathom that 365 days has gone by since I originally posted this photo.  Inside of those 365 days – 1 year, I have been blessed with so much good fortune and opportunity.  I am humbled.  I am grateful.
To the hundreds that sat in front of me on the speaking trail…I say THANK YOU!  You made getting up on stage and WOOHOOing more fun than you can imagine and you questions and attentiveness and desire to learn how to live more WOOHOOing made it all worthwhile.
To those of you that trusted me and believed in me enough to hire me to be your Business Coach…I say THANK YOU!  Coaching is such an amazing journey of self discovery and full of challenges.  Almost every one of you empowered me to be right and in doing so become 100% coachable.  You each deserve the rewards and fruits of your labor.
To my friends in my networking groups who I grew as a business person with and become more aware of awesome leadership because of…I say THANK YOU!  You all challenged me to get better at WHY I do what I do, HOW I do what I do, and ultimately WHAT I do.
Finally, to my family…I say THANK YOU!  You supported me.  You believed in me.  You put up with me in some crazy times when I was WOOHOOing at some crazy hours.  You took this journey with me and it made 2012 an amazing and special year.
The final highlight of 2012 was in joining the John Maxwell Team as an Independent Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.  This commitment is to my own personal development and becoming a stronger leader.  It also will expand my coaching capabilities and expand my product offerings.  So as 2012 washes away into memories I say one last THANK YOU to each and every one of you that impacted my life in such an amazing way.