Face your Fears

It is said that a human being is only born with two fears; first, the fear of falling and second, the fear of loud noises. Really! Think about it, babies cry when they are put into loud environments, most young children are startled and cry during their first experience with fireworks, and the analagies can go on.
So lets look at some of the other fears that are known to exist:
-Fear of Public Speaking (really, this is number 1 on the list)
-Fear of Heights
-Fear of Failure
-Fear of Death (really? we are more afraid of public speaking than death? WOW!)
I could go on and on listing out all of the fears but I won’t. I would rather focus on overcoming some or all of these fears and helping you achieve the success you want in life. After all, isn’t it mostly our fears that prevents us from being great and achieving all we can in life?
I have found that using a simple process to question the fears I have in any situation help me to push past them. It has worked for me and my intent is that you are able to use this process to help you.
Overcoming Fear
For starters, ask yourself in any endeavor where you experience fear, What if I fail?  Really analyze it.  What is the worst thing that could happen if you fail at something?  What is the worst thing that could happen if your fear comes to life?  Second, How will I recover?  Stop and think about how you will recover from this worst thing that could happen.  If you can find a way to recover doesn’t it make the fear that much less powerful to you?  I mean, seriously, if you know how to recover in the event your fear comes alive then everything is going to be ok, right?
Next, ask yourself, What if I do nothing?  What if your fear paralyzes you into keeping things the same, not doing anything.  Will life change one year from now, 5 years from now, EVER! if you do nothing?  Is it worth it to do something rather than do nothing?
Finally, ask yourself, What if I succeed?  How will that make me feel?  What will change in my life if I overcome this fear?  Will it change who I am, what I am able to accomplish in life?  These questions are meant to empower you, to help you feel the good in the things you do and accomplish.  Think about them, impress a visual image of you overcoming your fear(s) and hold that mental image as the way life is.  Now, decide what action you will need to take to guarantee success!
Overcoming fears is about breaking them down, addressing all the possible scenarios, and then taking action towards the results you want.  If you would like to consider making changes to your life, overcoming your fears, setting goals to greater success, and becoming more in life then please take a look at the upcoming Conceive Believe Achieve class I have coming up and join me!
To your success…