Is the EASY button a Myth?

A salesperson wants to be more successful.  Being successful means picking up the phone and calling everyone he/she can think of that needs their product.  Picking up the phone and calling is EASY, so why do they make it so HARD?
A person wants to lose weight.  Losing weight is about eating less, eating healthier, and getting more exercise.  Eating less foods and foods that are good for you is EASY.  Getting 20 minutes of exercise 3 days a week is EASY.  So why do people make it so HARD to lose weight?
A person wants more time to complete tasks both personally and professionally.  This person wants more time to work out at home, more time to be great at their career, and more time to spend with their loved ones.  Funny thing is time is all we have.  Dedicating 30 minutes 3 times a week to work out is EASY.  Making a schedule for the career that only focuses on the things that are important is EASY.  Planning for and spending 1-2 hours each day with loved ones, uninterrupted by media or social media or careers is EASY.  Put it in your schedules and DO IT.  So why are all these so HARD for people to accomplish?
I could go on and on with examples of things we want that we don’t have and how we make EASY things very HARD.  So why is it that we make them so HARD?  Is it possible that we trained ourselves to make things harder than they really are?  Did we create habits and beliefs and paradigms and fears that enabled us to say things are HARD to accomplish?  I think so.
So I suggest we create new habits, new beliefs, new paradigms (just like we created our old ones) to make things EASY again.  Making things HARDer than they need to be is, well, just silly.
Make things EASY and you will enjoy more WOOHOOing in all areas of your life!  To more WOOHOOing for you.