Step by Step Guide to Setting and Achieving Your Goals

When I talk with clients one on one or in group settings and the conversation gets around to goals it is interesting to me how few people actually write down there goals. There are all sorts of reasons that people don’t write down their goals. For some people it’s the FEAR of failure or even the FEAR of success. For others they have never been taught how or for another group maybe its that they are too lazy. It doesn’t matter the reason, if you want to start achieving goals in your life then here is a simple step by step process to do it.
Goal Setting Activities
Here is a great way to work on setting and achieving goals in all areas of your life. First, let me offer up some thought provoking questions:
1.If your life could be anything you wanted it to be, what would it be right now?
2.Where would you live?
3.What would your house be like?
4.Who would your friends be?
5.How would you spend your time, if you could do anything you wanted?
6.What would you eat?Wear? Listen to?
7.Would you work? If so, what would you do? If not, what would you do?
8.What do you want to learn? To know? To be?
9.Where would you like to vacation? What would you do?
10.What else would be a part of your perfect life? — List it all!
Permission goals are just what they sound like: Things you really want and could
easily have with the resources you have now, but that you just haven’t given yourself
permission for.
What’s the goal?
Why don’t you have it?
(continue this exercise for all of your goals that you don’t have yet…there should be a lot of them)
Is there a pattern? If so, describe it:
Like Permission Goals, these can be extremely easy or terribly difficult. They’re the things that exist in your life right now that you’d be better off without. Habits, clutter, distressing people, unpleasant environmental factors, unnecessary expenses, fixations, collections, annoying verbal habits… Anything at all that you’d be better off without.
Just complete each sentence, put a deadline on it and make it happen.
I want to eliminate ____________________________________________________
by ____/____/______ When that’s done, my life will be better because:
(Repeat as many times as necessary)
These are the things that are important to you that are left after you take out
Permission Goals and the list of things you want to get rid of. These main goals are things you will need to aquire the resources, knowledge, and help to achieve.
When you list the goal, describe it. Be specific about what you want. It’s next to impossible to achieve something without knowing what it is that you want.
Having troubles determining what you want? Make a simple list, but you need to take it very seriously. Be honest with yourself.
What three things in life do you really enjoy the most? What would you do if money wasn’t a concern and never could be?
What specific goal are you outlining right now?
(Step 1) What is the last thing I need to achieve before this GOAL is made reality?
(Step 2) And just before that?
(Step 3) And before that?
(Step 4) And before that?
(Step 5) And before that?
(Step 6) And before that?
(Step 7) And before that?
(Step 8 ) And before that?
(Step 9) And before that?
(Step 10) And before that?
(Step 11) And before that?
(Step 12) And before that?
(Step 13) And before that?
(Step 14) And before that?
(Step 15) And before that?
Taking The Step
The step I am focusing on right now is:
1. What financial resources do I need to accomplish this? How much will it cost? Will I need credit? A consistent level of income? Insurance? Real estate?
2. What skills will I need to achieve this? What do I need to know how to do?
3. What contacts will I need to achieve this? Who can help me get there? Who do I know, and who do they know? What do I need to do in return? (Or in advance…)
4.How much time will this stage take? Overall? Per day?
5. What systems will I need to have in place to achieve this? Will I need help, or can I do it alone? What technology is necessary? What will help speed this up?
6. How can I make this part easier on myself? What can I do to achieve this faster, cheaper, and with less risk?
7. What else will I need to do, get, or learn in order to complete this step?
If you follow this step by step process and review your results while keeping focused on the goals you want to accomplish you are sure to get closer and closer to the Goals you would like to accomplish in your life.
If you would like more help setting and achieving your goals please consider my Conceive Believe Achieve class or One on One Coaching. Contact me through my web site for more details.
To Your Success…