The 8 Characteristics of Perserverance

“Never, Never, Never Quit.”-Winston Churchill

Let’s just get it out there…giving up on something you want before you get it sucks.  You know the moment, when you can see the completion of a goal and you know you have it, but then you stop taking all the inspired actions that got you there.  Or maybe you can’t even get started because you don’t want it bad enough.  Either way, neither scenario is good.
So how do we adopt a habit like perseverance?  Let’s first say that there are things that are going to happen.  Things along the way to completion of a goal, that you are just going to have to put up with, fight through, and conquer.
Below is a list of things to do to help you overcome the obstacles and achieve what it is you want.

  1. Become very very clear on what you want.  Visualize it.  See it in its completed form.  Decide why you want this or that more than anything.  Get emotional about it.  Many times, it is the emotion that will carry you through the tough times.
  2. Keep you energy level up.  Diet, exercise, and ample amount of sleep are very important factors in all aspects of achieving a desired result.  Without these three you run the risk of not having enough energy.  When your energy level drops it is more likely that you will give up and give in when things are tough.
  3. Work backwards from your desired result and map out the route.  If you are standing in a place now and want to get to a different place, you need to know how to get there.  To do so, it is often easier to visualize the end result and look at all the tasks it takes to get there first. 
  4. Take things one task at a time.  This is the Seeing the Forest for the Trees approach.  Just FOCUS on one thing at a time to make things easier.  Too often we give up because the tasks in their collective whole seem impossible to accomplish.  Just doing one small thing each day will create a sense of accomplishment and emotion that can and will carry you through the tough times.  Strong daily habits are a must.
  5. Ask for help.  Don’t think you have to do everything alone.  Sometimes it is easier to keep going when you are encouraged by the help of an outsider.  Outsiders see things differently because they are not as attached and can often provide you with an easier route.  A friend or family member or COACH is a great accountability partner, support person, and when things get really tough, a cheerleader!  Also, if you help others to accomplish similar things as you want to accomplish you will certainly reach your goals.
  6. Take massive action.  Too often people give up for fear that they won’t get it right the first time.  Well guess what…we are all human.  Mistakes will happen, failures will occur, and things won’t always go your way.  But if you continue taking inspired actions, and lots of them, you will overcome a lot of obstacles along the way.  But if you sit back and dream of what it will be like but never take action…then I can assure you it is going to be difficult to accomplish anything.  Dreams and visualization are important…but taking action is a MUST!
  7. Learn from your mistakes.  If you are taking massive and inspired action then mistakes will happen.  Get over the fear of it and learn from it.  What went wrong?  Analyze it, fix it, and move on.  I have heard many times that successful people “fail their way to success!”
  8. Be confident.  It is very important to believe in yourself, believe that you can achieve your goals and dreams and act from that level of belief.

Finally and most important, just don’t give up.  Giving up is easy.  But when you give up realize you are giving up on your goals, you are giving up on your dreams, you are giving up on a stronger and better you AND you are giving up on more WOOHOOing in your life.  So impose your will power upon your dreams and goals and start today!