Victim vs. Responsible Individual

We all have many choices to make each day.  The choice to allow our fears to hold us back as opposed to allowing our faith to carry us forward.  The choice to doubt and worry whether things are going to be just like we want them as opposed to believing that our results will be exactly what we want.
The choice to focus on what we can get or take from a situation as opposed to finding a way to give and or help others.  We can also search out WIIFM (What’s in it for me) or we can choose to come from a place of service and find a way to give and to help others and serve them knowing that when we serve others our lives will become more fulfilled.
We can choose to blame others for our circumstances in our lives or we can become responsible for our own results and make a plan on how to set out and create the life or business or results we desire.
Each day we have choices.  Many of them.  All day long.  At the beginning and end of each situation give pause to reflect for a moment and decide…did I act like a Victim or a Responsible Individual?
At the end of the day you will know if you were BOOHOOing because you were a victim or WOOHOOing because you were a responsible individual.  Either way, the CHOICE is yours and yours alone.
What will you choose?