VISUALIZE | WOOHOOing Word of the Day

What does it mean to visualize and how can we use it to improve our day to day activities?
Visualizations come in two forms.  One being when the eyes are open and the other coming when we close our eyes in the form of imagination.

Visualize with your Eyes open.

Look around your environment and see what you see.  Become aware of things and people in your environment and gain a sense of how you feel.  If something makes you feel negative, change it.  If something makes you feel positive, keep it!  Yes, this includes people.  If you have a negative person in your life it may be time to put some distance between you and them so you can begin to feel more positive in your environment.  Facebook is a perfect example of negativity these days.  I shared a post about how to control what you see on Facebook to put positive posters first in your news feed.  Check it out here.

Visualize with your Eyes closed.

This is where imagination kicks in.  Imagine the end of your day today.  Imagine that you are celebrating, WOOHOOing about a great day.  By doing this you are beginning with the end in mind.  Now back fill your day until right now with actions and activities that will produce the result you want.  You can do this every day, do this for projects you must complete and for the year ahead.  The period isn’t important.  The point is to start first with the results you want to achieve and then move forward with action and activity.
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