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About WOOHOOing

WOOHOOing is a Leadership Development and Training Company. We speak, we coach, we train teams and individuals to reach peak performance. WOOHOOing is a company platform that empowers, educates and inspires others to live the life of their dreams. We help individuals and groups get excited about every day, focus on the things they really want and set action plans to achieve their dreams and goals.

Have you ever wondered why some people can BE more, DO more, and HAVE more than others? We were all created the same, right? WOOHOOing teaches you to become more aware of and understand how you generate desired results in all areas of your life. The process of more WOOHOOing works towards helping you create the life you desire. 

Meet Leigh Lohman

Health & Wellness Consultant
John Maxwell Team Certified

Leigh is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with a special certificate in Hormone Health. She has always been interested in health and wellness and has always wanted to work in the coaching industry. Leigh’s tipping point was when she found herself wanting to be a catalyst to a lifestyle change when her Dad battled cancer and then again when her Mom was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease.

Leigh enjoys being a part of the John C. Maxwell team but helping people get whole on the inside is her real passion. She believes we must take care of ourselves before we can be a better parent, spouse, co-worker, boss, friend… you name it. 

There are so many facets to a healthy lifestyle. I would love to come alongside you and help you live your best life. – Leigh

Leigh Lohman Health and Wellness Coach

Meet Rich Lohman

Consultant & Founder
Executive Director, John Maxwell Team

Rich Lohman is an International Coach & Consultant, a Speaker, and a Corporate Coach. As in Independent Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Rich leads both individuals as well as entire companies on a quest to achieve non-dependent high performance status. 

He is a high energy and authentic individual that has gone through his own share of growth in his career and will lead by example.

“...genuine, professional, a problem solver.”

"What can I say about Rich? He truly helps people. He is genuine, professional, a problem solver and cares about you and helps you get to where you want to be in life and your career. He has helped me and I would recommend him to anyone of my friends and familly. Woohoo!"
- T. Gregg


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Certified Coaching Experience

The John Maxwell Team is a unique group of people who have risen to the calling. They haven taken a step to be side-by-side with the top leadership expert in the world, John C. Maxwell to grow both personally and professionally. They receive the knowledge, training and years of experience as well as life long support that is needed to become a top leader.

Certified Team Member of John Maxwell

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition was founded in 1992 with the mission to improve not just health but happiness too. Their certification and training has provided Leigh with the tools she needs to be a supportive coach, consultant and mentor.