How to Change Direction When Your Day Starts Bad

You know what?  I didn’t feel like it this morning.  Yes, its true.  I just didn’t feel like it.  I had a long list of activities that needed to be accomplished but I was missing the inspiration to get started.  So how did I turn it around?
First I read my written WHY statement.  It helps me get really clear on WHY I did what I do every day.  It started to work but I wasn’t 100% committed yet.
The second thing I did was called the right friend who I knew would encourage me to take action.
The third thing I did was listened to a song that inspires me.
That did it.  I was motivated and the discipline kicked in to get things done that needed to get done!
You know what?  It worked.  I got all but 2 things on my list done.  I reached out to over 15 people.  I fielded several inbound texts, emails, and calls.  I quoted new work and new business is coming to me.  And the real truth is, I don’t think it would have ever happened if I had not reentered myself on the day and found my WHY.
My encouragement to you is simple:  on the day where you don’t feel like doing the work, find your WHY and you will find your motivation and discipline to get things done!  I hope you found this helpful!
To your success!