You rock your morning, you rock your day. If you wake up at the last minute and you don’t have time for yourself to set intentions and mindset for the day, I encourage you wake up an hour earlier. It’s time to adapt a morning routine. Many of you might have just groaned at me. I know we hear this quite often in our house because our kids don’t want to go bed early and they certainly don’t like to get up early. (Well that’s not true, Hunter does, but you know what I’m saying.) We are boring because we go to bed at 10pm and we get up at 5am. Every. Single. Day. Once you’re awake, before you even get out of bed, take 5 deep breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Fill and empty your lungs.

Drinking water, hydrate, faucet, glass of water, running water

Next, given that you have not likely had any water throughout the night, wake your body up the right way, treat your organs kindly and drink a glass of water before you move to coffee or whatever else might be your go to drink.

Then find some sort of devotional or meditation. It doesn’t have to be long but just an opportunity to clear your mind and fill it with positive messages. This is a time I like to read – if this isn’t a good time for you, find what is. Just add 15 minutes of reading to your day at some point, and I’m not referring to reading social media posts.

Next, sit down and set your intentions for the day. This is your task list and scheduling time to ensure your day is going in the right direction otherwise we end up floundering.  Have you ever had a day where you’ve felt incredibly busy all day but when you really think about, you didn’t get anything done? Yea, me too. That’s why this helps.

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Lastly, I want you to move your body for 30 minutes. I don’t care if you’re walking, running, doing yoga, dancing (because that’s super fun) whatever it is that works for you…move your body. I have spoken a lot about health and exercise, etc. Create this space for yourself, and then go out and rock you day.

This is my version of a morning routine. You know yourself, you know your schedule, the purpose here was just to set an intention for your day, in the morning, to set you up for success.

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