Moving Your Dream Forward

I found this meme that I shared on Facebook four years ago and then again this week. It goes a little something like this: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Pablo Picasso said that – so you get the idea of how long that quote has been going around.

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It really resonated with me four years ago, but probably more so now that when I originally posted it for many reasons:

I’m not getting any younger, so if I’m going to find my gifts, my purpose, follow my dreams and everything that goes along with that, the time is now. I’m not saying I’m old. I’m just more aware that we only have so much time.

I also have children and they’re watching me.  They might be teenagers who think I am silly or embarrassing or (fill in the blank) but they are still watching me. I pray that I am setting an example of going after the things that make your heart sing.

Last week, in the Passport to Growth, there were some questions on the worksheet. They were pertaining to this time of social distancing, unrest, COVID-19 but also an attempt to lead you to think about this extra time you have right now.  What would I love to be doing in all this free time and what should I be doing?  Those are two totally different questions in my mind.

I would love to be reading, resting, exercising, mastering new recipes and cleaning out closets, etc., etc. And trust me, I’ve worked on some of that.  I am reading. I am getting exercise and we’ve all cleaned out closets but what I SHOULD be doing during this time is different in my mind. While I do agree that exercise is on both lists because I love it and it helps with my mental health just as much as my physical, I need to be working on my gifts and my purpose. 

So, I thought we would come together to discuss the how in moving our dreams forward.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.” How do we turn them into a plan, we’ve all heard the saying that a dream without a plan is just a wish. That has been a saying for such a long time that I couldn’t even find the person who originally said it.  I recently heard Seth Godin say that this is not the time for a short-term tactic on making money; THIS is the time to work on being the best version of ourselves.  To get ready for when the world wakes up.  A lot can be done in the remaining days or weeks we have left in quarantine. Let’s go!

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