Work Your Plan and Plan Your Work

So here we all are, settled into the middle of the 3rd week of the year.  By now we all should have created a new normal, a new routine, a new plan to follow to change our results from last year into the new dreams and hopes and aspirations of this year.
Last year I launched WOOHOOing™ to the world.  This year I grow WOOHOOing by 5000 blog followers.  To do this I can’t be in creation mode because creation mode is different from growth mode.  So what have I done differently?  Well, for starters,  I have joined a group that will teach me how to write better and produce better video blogs.  I have also set aside specific time in my calendar to create new content twice a week.  These two items were the first two on my task list that I developed when I decided on the growth goal of 5000 new followers.  I have 49 more tasks and milestones to work on as I work my plan.
Similarly, last year I launched a pursuit of running in and completing a marathon.  I did it…WOOHOO!  This year I have decided my goal is not just to compete and complete a marathon but to finish in under 3:30:00.00.  This is a lofty goal since I finished last years marathon in 4:03:47.02.  The task list for this goal is equally long and challenging as my primary business growth goal.  So far I have completed a half marathon and started P90X, both of which were tasks to be completed as I reach for my goals and work my plan.
I share these goals and my activities with you to encourage you and not to boast.  I want you to learn how to reach for your dreams, to set goals, to live your life to the fullest.  Ground-hog-day be damned.  Old habits and routines of underachieving be damned.  Settling for what you have in your life be damned.  You deserve more.  If you want more go out there and get it.  You will run in to obstacles, both internal to you and external from others.  You will have things that will get in your way, slow you down, or possibly even completely stop you from living the life of your dreams.  You can and you must push through.
Here are 5 focus techniques to keep you on task.  They will help you “plan your work and work your plan”!

  1. Set a daily/weekly schedule that coincides with your new goals.  Learn to manage your activities.  Block out time.
  2. Focus on what is important to you.  Seriously, whether it is a business goal or a health and fitness goal, I am willing to bet if you wrote down EVERYTHING that you do in the course of a week you will find a whole lot of wasted activities.  Those are the old paradigms, the old habits, that got you the old results.  If you want new results you need to change what you are doing and focus on what is most important.
  3. Get rid of waste!  We all have waste in our life.  Maybe it is as simple as wasting time on your mail or email, stacking up piles of paper, collecting things that are not in line with the new you and your new goals.  Start eliminating all the waste and only keep around the mail, email, and items that will help you achieve your new goals.
  4. Ask for HELP!  It is OK to ask for help.  It is OK to admit you don’t know how to do something.  It is OK to join a group (yes, even pay money to do so) that will help you learn a new skill.  It is OK to hire a Coach that will hold you accountable to the activities and tasks you will need to accomplish to achieve your new, big, lofty, and scary goals.  You will need to upgrade your skills to achieve these goals and you will need help in upgrading those skills.  Put your pride aside, cast aside your ego too, and ask for HELP!  There are people out there that want to help you be successful.
  5. Learn to say NO!  Seriously, you must say NO to the items that are not important to you.  You will need to say NO to people and tasks that are not in line with the things you are focused on.  It is OK to say NO if you know what you want and the thing or task you are saying NO to does not line up with your core values and goals.  We are all hesitant to say NO to people because it is inherent in us as human beings to want to be liked.  There is a fear that if we say NO to someone they may not like us or ask us for help again.  That is OK!  There are plenty of people and things to say YES to that align with the person you want to be and the goals you want to achieve.  Say NO to the wrong things and it will leave you saying YES to the right things!

So that is it, 5 simple focus techniques that will have you “planning your work and working your plan”!  It is not too late, there are 49 weeks left in the year.  You can start today and accomplish some amazing things this year.  If you do, WHEN YOU DO, I promise you will be screaming WOOHOO! at the top of your lungs about your new life.  Try it, I dare you! 😉
To more success and WOOHOOing™ as you Live Your Life to the Fullest!