Chemistry: WOOHOOing Word of the Day

Chemistry is today’s WOOHOOing Word of the Day!
So what does chemistry have to do with WOOHOOing, Leadership, Business, and Success?  Everything.  But let me tell you how I see it first.
My dad is a chemical engineer by trade and profession.  He is a really good one.  He often baffles me with his understanding of how two or more ingredients will react when combined.  I asked him recently how work was going and he want off on a tangent of batches and chemicals and reactions and something clicked.
You see, for anything we desire in life whether it is better results in business, getting a big or many sales, growing a better community within the office, and the list goes on, we need to have good chemistry.  The right ingredients combined at the right time for the right effect or result.
Many of the key components for business include better relationships, great teamwork, great attitudes, and strong leadership.  If any of those components are not primed for the desired results the result is often poor, lackluster, average, or just plain ok.  Is that what we want or do we want AMAZING, WOOHOOing, GREAT, and AWESOME results?  I think you will agree with me in that we all want the latter of these two options.
So what can be done about it if you are not getting the results you want?  Change the chemistry.  Grow in your relationship skills, grow in the team building skills, improve your attitude and the attitude of those around you with a daily focus on it, and learn to raise your leadership lid by growing and studying leadership content and then applying it to your day to day activities, teams, and people you influence.
How do you do that?  Join a Mastermind Group.  Bring a trainer in to deliver a talk that will challenge and inspire your team to bigger thinking.  Hire a coach to help you work through the process.  This much I know, if you don’t like your results or think your results are just average, it’s time to look at the chemistry of the process and make some changes.
I hope this helps you to see your environment and the impact that all of the parts have on your results.  I want to encourage you to sit and reflect on the chemistry and add all of the right ingredients that will help you generate the results you desire!
To your success and more WOOHOOing great days ahead!