How do you overcome ADVERSITY?

As some of you may know, I am a HUGE Michigan State University fan.  I follow their football and basketball teams on a year ’round basis and passionately cheer for the Spartans at every game.  Mrs. WOOHOO would say my passion during the games is a double edged sword as I can become a bit obesessed and if things are not going well…then I become a bit cranky.  That is probably the reason we are not allowed to have guests or friends over on game day.  (sorry honey, I will try to do better during those games next season!)
Well my beloved Spartans have had a great football season and won the inaugarl Legends Division Championship and the right to play for a chance to go to the ‘grandaddy of them all’ the Rose Bowl!  It was an amazing and intense game, maybe one of the best in college football this season but in the end my Spartans lost.
Now the ADVERSITY kicks in.  Text messages, Social Media rants, & even phone calls from “friends” that were rooting against my team because the root for “the other team in Michigan”.  I fought word for word with them and stated my case over and over on why we were a better team.  This war of words went on for nearly a full day.
Finally I could take it no more and I laced up my shoes and went on a run to clear my head.  It was on that run that I thought about OUR (like I am am on the Spartan team or something) situation and how the players must feel after losing.  I thought about what they might be doing while I was out running.  I thought about how they might overcome the adversity of falling just short of their dreams of playing in the Rose Bowl.
What I came to realize is that they were probably doing the same thing as me.  They were probably getting back to basics and focusings on their own situation instead of arguing why they still deserve this or that.
Reality is in each and every one of our lives we face adversity.  Some will face more adversity than others.  It is how we move on that defines the character in each of us.  We still have a choice.  A choice to wallow in our defeat.  A choice to blame others.  A choice to say the system is not right and we got the short end of the stick.
We can choose to accept how things are and move on.  We can choose to learn from our defeats.  We can choose to ‘lace our shoes back up’ and start training for our next opportunity.  We can choose to focus on ourselves and identify what will make us better.  We can choose to fill our head and our hearts and out stomach with all the knowledge and passion and will power to prevail the next time around. 
Games are much like life…we all will face ADVERSITY at some point.  And when you do maybe you will choose the right path to overcome your ADVERSITY.  I run to figure it out.  I choose to figure out what I can learn from the adversity and then I change my approach for next time.
How do you overcome ADVERSITY?
I hope you are WOOHOOing!