9 Listening Skills You Must Have

Listening is one of the most valuable skills you can develop.  It shows people you respect them.  Listening builds relationships.  It helps you acquire knowledge you don’t yet have.  It builds loyalty with your audience.
Unfortunately listening is something that is hard to stay focused on for many people.  The good news is that it is a skill you can develop over time.  Here are 9 ways to become a better listener:

  1. Look at the person talking.
  2. Don’t interrupt the person talking.  Side note, there are 3 reasons people typically interrupt the person talking.  One, because they don’t value the person or what the person has to say.  Two, the listener wants to become the talker and impress others with what they have to say.  And third, they are to excited by the conversation to let the other person finish talking.
  3. Focus on understanding what the person is saying.
  4. Determine the needs at the moment.
  5. Check your emotions.  If you are feeling highly energized, either with joy or frustration, check yourself and continue listening before you interrupt the person talking.
  6. Hold back your judgment until the person talking has completed what they have to say.  To often we think we know how the story or conversation ends before the speaker is done talking.  Get to the end of them talking and you might just be surprised by how they finish.
  7. As the person is talking, sum up the important stuff when the time is right.  An example of this, would be to say, “Sam, this is obviously very important to you.  Tell me more.”
  8. Ask questions for clarity.
  9. Always make listening a priority.

Practicing these skills takes time.  Having someone to talk to about your experience and growth is a great way to help you become a better listener.  Hiring a Coach to help you become a better listener will help you achieve amazing results in all facets of your life; Business, Family, and Community to name a few.
Here is what one person I continue to work with had to say about the process of growing her listening skills:

So excited to be going full speed ahead into week 4 of Growing Your Influence to more WOOHOOING with Rich Lohman tomorrow! Each week just gets better and better! This week’s focus is Listening to People. There is so much value in just listening! Thank you Rich for all the valuable information you teach and really making it STICK with true MEANING and PURPOSE!!~Sara, Weiss Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Rich Lohman is a certified Speaker, Coach, Trainer with the John Maxwell Team.  He is passionate about helping others reach their potential and achieve more WOOHOOing results in their business and life.  Reach out to rich for a complimentary coaching session to learn the value of growing yourself daily.
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