Is This Your #1 Problem

Hey there!  I am wondering which of these is your number 1 problem and if, in fact, it is your real number 1 problem:
Is your #1 problem dealing with people, especially employees?  Maybe profits and income is just fine but all of the drama of employees showing up late, not knowing from one day to the next who is going to have a good attitude and who is going to have a horrible attitude.
Or is your #1 problem that you aren’t making enough money?
Or maybe your #1 problem is you don’t have enough time to get everything done?
Or lastly, your #1 problem could be that you just aren’t having the fun and fulfillment you thought you would?
So which one is it that best describes your #1 problem?  Do you think that your #1 problem really could be a result of a bigger problem?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that the law of all laws was the Law of Cause and Effect.

“For every cause there is an effect and for every effect there is a cause.”

So maybe your #1 problem is just a result, or effect, that is cause by something else.  What if I said, most people’s real #1 problem was their low ability in the area of Leadership?  What is Leadership for that matter?

Well I know this, it is an inexhaustible topic that isn’t about position, title, authority, knowledge, or any other myth you may have been told about leadership.  Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less.  But what really is it?

It is your ability to Model right actions, Motivate others to want to take right actions and make right decisions, and Mentor them to reach their potential for the greater good of an organization or community as a whole.

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