Do You Have a Clear Vision of Your Future?

I was recently on a strategy call with a woman who felt stuck in her career and she was thinking about making a change. But she was worried about her income and whether or not she was ‘meant’ to do what she was attempting to do.
After speaking with her for a while, I just asked her, “What would your results look like if you did this in one year?” She immediately got excited about the endless possibilities that this new job would bring her. I actually had to slow her down before I asked her what was stopping her from doing this right now.
What I found was that at every turn, she had found ways to talk herself out of the position. There was nothing actually stopping her, but she created things to do so. She was ready to make this move, but she needed to take action.
Rich Lohman pull quote 03.04.16
It’s important to act when you make a decision. It’s easy to make decisions, but it’s more difficult to act on them. This is why before I got her off the phone, I made her make a plan to do some things in order to push herself closer to taking that new job.
What I got from her was total clarity. I removed her fears, but at the end of the day, it was her own choice to transform herself.
This was just a good example of my coaching process, and I hope that if you have any questions about it you reach out to me.
Don’t be afraid to ask for my help. Sometimes we can’t do the things we need to do alone. I hope to hear from you soon!