How we helped Jason Epplett realize and work towards his goals.

“The results I got, I would say on a personal level he helped me realize some of my goals, help me work towards
my goals, same goes on a business level as well, for our business he was able to help see those goals, help
meet a lot of those goals. And it was all based through teachings of John Maxwell and really his small groups
for me were what impacted me the most. I could think of, you know, Rich is an above and beyond
person, you know when you’re working with him he’s an above and beyond person. So, I think every aspect, from
the time you start working with him, he’s available to you and I mean everything, working with him has been exceptional.
I mean it kinda goes back to the small groups and the conversations he was able to create at the table with
everybody that was involved because of the questions he would ask and the format he would ask them in. I
would say some of the small group meetings were what impacted me the most.”
Jason Epplett