What if YOUR Life Really was at Halftime?

It’s halftime…
I got to thinking during the Superbowl Halftime after seeing Clint Eastwood rock the Chrysler commercial, what if this really is halftime in my life? What changes do I need to make in my life? What changes do I need to make to my offense to accomplish what I want? What changes do I need to make to my defense to protect my assets and the loved ones around me? What changes do I need to make to the personnel around me to make sure I have the best people around me playing my game? What changes do I need to make to the special teams crew to make special events in my life end with confetti and streamers for me at the end? Oh and that brings up another amazing thought…wouldn’t it be awesome if at my funeral there was a celebration with confetti and streamers, with tears of joy instead of tears of sorrow…ahhh, but that is for another time. Back to halftime. What tweaks and changes need to be made to make sure I win?
Well if I was at halftime of my life here is what I would tell my team (me)
Offense:  We need to be more aggressive.  It is going to be tough to accomplish our goal by the end of this game if we keep standing around waiting for someone else to make a big play.  This is our time.  This is our game.  The time is now to get back out there and make things happen.  Harness your fears.  Play with passion.  The other team (in this case, LIFE) is not going to know what hit them.  We got this game!  Now let’s get back out there and kick some ass and execute like you know how!!!  What are we waiting for?  Let’s Go Do This!!!!
Defense:  We are playing too much NOT TO LOSE.  Forget about losing…FOCUS on doing the things we have prepared for to WIN!  Focus on WINNING.  We have trained right.  We have eaten the right foods.  We changed our habits and beliefs to match up to what we want to accomplish.  We have poured our heart and soul into this moment.  We got this thing.  Let’s get back out there and take inspired action EVERY MOMENT, EVERY PLAY…we are champions, PLAY LIKE CHAMPIONS!
To the team:  Look, we have been here before.  So things didn’t bounce our way in the first half.  So we are down by a couple of points.  SO WHAT?  Should we curl up into a ball and kick and scream and pout about how the first half wasn’t fair or that someone else cheated us out of a couple plays or a couple of points?  Or should we take the lessons learned and get back out there and start playing each play like we mean it?  Are you ready to make each and every second on the clock count?  Are you ready to leave it all out on the field and be your absolute best?  For some of us this may be our last chance.  This may be our last shot before our time expires.  Why not go out there and kick some ass and make those seconds count, no matter whether we have one more or 38 more!  Now let’s go…let’s get out there and let’s be inspired and let’s leave it all on the field and let’s win this thing!!!!  WOOHOO!
Ok so I got a little carried away on this blog.  Whew!!!  I am fired up.  To make more phone calls.  To book more speaking gigs.  To get more people into Coaching Programs so they too can kick ass in their second half!
So my question to you is simple:  If this is YOUR halftime…what changes are you prepared to make so that your second half counts?
To more success and more WOOHOOing for you!!!!
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