HABITS | WOOHOOing Word of the Day

The WOOHOOing Word of the day for January 6, 2017 is Habits
When we repeatedly do things or think things over and over again, they become habits!  Often times these habits are destructive and by engaging in them we are pushing away the very success we want.  They can be actions or thought processes.
Besides falling preying to thinking and or doing things that are destructive to our desired results, we make one of the following mistakes:

  1. We don’t decide to be successful
  2. We don’t know what success means to us individually…we haven’t defined it yet
  3. We don’t see success an an option
  4. We aren’t consistent in thought or action
  5. We don’t have defined standards and work to continually raise the bar.

Are any of the above something you struggle with?  There is help!  Coaching is a way for you to work through some of these “internal” struggles so that you can align your inside with the actions on the outside as you work towards success.  If you would like to learn more about coaching options that can help you have you best year ever, lets connect!
To your success!
Rich Lohman