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Relationship Type: Thin Crust or Deep Dish?

I have been thinking a lot lately about the type of relationships I have and their impact on the growth of my business.  Maybe this will help you too.

Recently I got on a call within the John Maxwell Team (JMT).  Now for those of you that don’t know about the JMT, just understand that is amazing.  I will do a longer talk and post on it later.  But the day I got on the call, my mentor and friend, Paul Martinelli was teaching.  After he taught briefly he opened up the call to Q&A to answer questions from the people on the call.

I was the first person in the Q and asked Paul what the first step Continue Reading →

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Chemistry: WOOHOOing Word of the Day

Chemistry is today’s WOOHOOing Word of the Day!

So what does chemistry have to do with WOOHOOing, Leadership, Business, and Success?  Everything.  But let me tell you how I see it first.

My dad is a chemical engineer by trade and profession.  He is a really good one.  He often baffles me with his understanding of how two or more ingredients will react when combined.  I asked him recently how work was going and he want off on a tangent of batches and chemicals and reactions and something clicked.

You see, for anything we desire in life whether it is better results in business, getting a big or many sales, growing a better community within the office, and the list goes on, we need to have good chemistry.  The right ingredients combined at the right time for the right effect or result.

Many of the key components for business include better relationships, great teamwork, great attitudes, and strong leadership. Continue Reading →

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Are You Designed For Success?

Welcome back to Rich Lohman’s WOOHOOing Education Video Blog!  We are excited you are here!

Here is a thought provoking question, “Are you designed for success?”  Now really, this question could go in many different directions.  But really what I am getting at is, do you have developed strategies to maximize your growth and help you achieve the very best results?

In this video I share the six keys to creating awesome systems that will point you to the success you desire.  Here are those 6 keys:

  1. The Big Picture – Will the system help you reach your big picture goals?
  2. Your Priorities – Is the system consistent with your values and commitments?
  3. Measurement – Does the system give you a tangible way to judge if you have succeeded?
  4. Application – Does the system promote you taking action?
  5. Organization – Does the system make better use of your time that what you are doing now?
  6. Consistency – Can and will you easily repeat the system on a regular basis?

What I want to encourage you, is to look at your current systems and activities in your business and or daily routine and determine if you have these 6 keys.  If you don’t, start to work on a better system.  If you are struggling and need a resource to help you develop a better system, contact me and schedule a FREE Coaching Session and let me help you.

Don’t forget to check out and get engaged in the WOOHOOing Success Community!  Each week community members learn a new valuable lesson to help them grow into the results they desire, have a safe place to ask questions and get the help and support they need, and find daily inspiration from the community as a whole!

As always, please let us know if you have a topic you would like us to do a video on.  We love “shares” as well.  Please share this video on your social media links and don’t forget to follow us on our social media links.

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