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What if YOUR Life Really was at Halftime?


It’s halftime…

I got to thinking during the Superbowl Halftime after seeing Clint Eastwood rock the Chrysler commercial, what if this really is halftime in my life? What changes do I need to make in my life? What changes do I need to make to my offense to accomplish what I want? What changes do I need to make to my defense to protect my assets and the loved ones around me? What changes do I need to make to the personnel around me to make sure I have the best people around me playing my game? What changes do I need to make to the special teams crew to make special events in my life end with confetti and streamers for me at the end? Oh and that brings up another amazing thought…wouldn’t it be awesome if at my funeral there was a celebration with confetti and streamers, with tears of joy instead of tears of sorrow…ahhh, but that is for another time. Back to halftime. What tweaks and changes need to be made to make sure I win?

Well if I was at halftime of my life here is what I would tell my team (me)

Offense:  We need to be more aggressive.  It is going to be tough to accomplish our goal by the end of this game if we keep standing around waiting for someone else to make a big play.  This is our time.  This is our game.  The time is now to get back out there and make things happen.  Harness your fears.  Play with passion.  The other team (in this case, LIFE) is not going to know what hit them.  We got this game!  Now let’s get back out there and kick some ass and execute like you know how!!!  What are we waiting for?  Let’s Go Do This!!!!

Defense:  We are playing too much NOT TO LOSE.  Forget about losing…FOCUS on doing the things we have prepared for to WIN!  Focus on WINNING.  We have trained right.  We have eaten the right foods.  We changed our habits and beliefs to match up to what we want to accomplish.  We have poured our heart and soul into this moment.  We got this thing.  Let’s get back out there and take inspired action EVERY MOMENT, EVERY PLAY…we are champions, PLAY LIKE CHAMPIONS!

To the team:  Look, we have been here before.  So things didn’t bounce our way in the first half.  So we are down by a couple of points.  SO WHAT?  Should we curl up into a ball and kick and scream and pout about how the first half wasn’t fair or that someone else cheated us out of a couple plays or a couple of points?  Or should we take the lessons learned and get back out there and start playing each play like we mean it?  Are you ready to make each and every second on the clock count?  Are you ready to leave it all out on the field and be your absolute best?  For some of us this may be our last chance.  This may be our last shot before our time expires.  Why not go out there and kick some ass and make those seconds count, no matter whether we have one more or 38 more!  Now let’s go…let’s get out there and let’s be inspired and let’s leave it all on the field and let’s win this thing!!!!  WOOHOO!

Ok so I got a little carried away on this blog.  Whew!!!  I am fired up.  To make more phone calls.  To book more speaking gigs.  To get more people into Coaching Programs so they too can kick ass in their second half!

So my question to you is simple:  If this is YOUR halftime…what changes are you prepared to make so that your second half counts?

To more success and more WOOHOOing for you!!!!

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Groundhog Day Rut-Are You In It?

Groundhog day 2012 has arrived.  Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow or won’t he?  Does it really matter?  Heck, this “winter” has been so nice to most of us that tomorrow’s results are irrelevant, right?

The bigger question I have is DO YOU live the life of Groudhog day?  Do you feel like each day happens the same as the previous?  Are all your days seemingly blending together in a blur of boredom that has taken over your life?  If so, don’t worry, you are not alone.  While I am out speaking I ask this question in almost every opportunity and there is always 50% of the group that says resoundingly, “YES!  This sounds like my life.”  Here is one example of a Grounhog Day Life:

6:00am – wake up to alarm and hit snooze

6:08am – wake up to alarm and listen to it for 10 seconds before deciding to shut it off or hit snooze again.

6:15am – use bathroom (only if you didn’t choose to hit snooze a second time)

6:17am – turn on shower and try to think of what you are going to do today, what you are going to wear today

6:20am – get in shower

6:33am – get out of shower

6:33am to 7:03am Go through same routine as yesterday to get ready for work (it is called habit for a reason, right?)

7:05am – Start coffee…MUST HAVE COFFEE. 

7:10am – drinking coffee and eating (do you eat the same breakfast every AM?)

7:10 – 7:35am – Checking Facebook to see if you missed something epic and huge while barely paying attention to the news and weather on the TV.

7:42am – Oh shoot, why did I stay on FB so long and now I am rushing to not be late for work!

7:59:59 – Arrive at work…WOOHOO!  You made it in the nick of time!  🙂

8:00am – 1130am – Working, working, working…is it lunch yet.  Thoughts running through your head…did I do enough to make my boss happy?…did I get all those emails answered?…did anyone see me texting my friend or checking my facebook?…Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could (you fill in the blank here)!

11:30am – 1pm Lunch Ok you don’t really get an hour and a half for lunch…but do you really really spend a half an hour in that time doing meaningful tasks?

1pm – 5pm –  Working, working, working.  Thoughts running through your head are…What am I going to cook for dinner?…which one of the kids has practice tonight?…Am I going to be able to get the house cleaned when I get home?…I hope that bill doesn’t come in the mail today, payday is still 2 days off!…and the list goes on…

5pm to 6pm – Dinner

6pm to 8pm – Kids time, cleaning house time, running errands time, paying bills time, and the list goes on.

8pm to 10pm – watch your favorite TV shows…deep meaningful stuff.

10pm to 11pm – lay in bed trying to sleep, wondering what is wrong with you that you can’t get to sleep fast enough any more.

11pm to 6am – SLEEP.  (ut oh, did you wake up during this time?  What is on your mind?  What doubts, worry’s, fears, or angers do you have that woke you up…something must be going on, right?)

Does this sound like your life?  Does this sound like something similar to what you are going through?  When you hear me or someone else talk about:

  • Health and Fitness Goals
  • Money/Financial Goals
  • Career/Job/Business Goals
  • Relationship Goals
  • Community Goals
  • Hobbie/Personal/Life Learning Goals
  • Spiritual Goals

…is your first reaction to say something like, “I don’t have time for all that Rich, I am just trying to get through the day!!!”  If this is you…welcome to Groundhog Day Rut!

To get out of the rut it takes desire.  A desire to leave your comfort zone, face and challenge your fears, and live the life you are dreaming of.  A small start would be to change your routine.  Here are some ideas to try:

  • Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier, put something over your snooze button and jump out of bed
  • Start an exercise routine that commits you to just 10-20 minutes each morning
  • Go to work with the intent on making coworkers & clients/customers day better…really really reach out and help them and get to know them and learn who they are.  Don’t just assume you know anyone, because everyone has something going on and could use some help.
  • Become passionate and focused about the things important to you.
  • Turn off the TV at night and read or write or play with the kids…be 100% focused and present.
  • The list goes on…and this is just the start. 

If you really want to take charge of your life (here comes a shameless plug), take me up on my offer of a FREE Coaching Session

Until your desire for change is stronger than your desire to keeping living the Groundhog Day Life you won’t make the changes.  Find your desires, live your passions.  And in the mean time, don’t forget to watch Punxsutawney Phil tomorrow and decide whether you will be happy or sad that he did or did not see his shadow. 

WOOHOO…starting living your life to the fullest today…and you will stop living the Groundhog Day Life!

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Information Overload-Learn the System That Makes You More Productive

I have noticed lately while caring an iPhone with all the fancy bells and whistles that you can get an alert and notification for everything.  I have also realized that if set up a certain way you can have your email automatically retrieved every 15 minutes.  And we all know how popular texting is as a “tool” for communication and how instantaneous we receive those after they are sent.  Add “push notifications” for all your Apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, USA Today, weather.com, Bank updates telling you when you spend money, and the list goes on and on. 

If you are going after some big goals in life your phone can blow up within a few hours each morning with all these so-called tools that are supposed to help you achieve things.  But that is the catch.  If you keep checking email, Facebook responses, and text messages as they come in how can you “Plan your work and work your plan”?

 I was out at a speaking event recently and I asked a general question to a group of Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, and Affiliates of the home buying and selling industry when  in their day did they have it planned for and scheduled to respond to their email.  The vast majority responded with a quizzical look followed by, “all day, when they come in.”  Does anyone see where this could be a problem? 

  If you too answer this question this way then I have an alternative method for you.  It comes with the freedom to plan, choices on what messages and notifications to respond to and when. This plan offers you the ability to focus on your goals without the being focused on the bombardment of incoming notifications.  So here is a system I want you to consider implementing to ensure you are taming the information elephant:

Step 1

  • Turn on your computer
  • Open Email
  1. Do Not Read yet!!!  Just open!
  • Open Facebook/Twitter
  1. Do Not do anything, just open and minimize your screen.
  • Retrieve all voice mail messages
  1. Write down all messages
  • Open up text messaging and set phone down


  • Step 2


  • Email
  1. Delete Junk
  2. Forward any emails that can be handled by someone else (File for reference)
  3. Reply to any emails that can be answered quickly in 1-2 sentences or less. (File for reference)
  4. Only leave Emails that require action in your inbox.
  5. Utilize your scheduled time to handle those emails requiring action  (Once action has been taken decide to delete or file for reference)
  • Facebook/Twitter
  1. Reply to messages that help you move closer to your desired outcome.
  2. Refrain from getting caught up in conversations that will take up all your time
  3. Use all social networking to help you achieve your goals, not to waste your time.
  • Voice mail
  1. Return all calls that require your attention and can be handled quickly
  2. Keep all calls to 5 minutes or less
  3. Prioritize and return any calls that will be quick
  4. If you have a call that will take more than 5 minutes to handle that will go in some other part of your day.
  • Text Messages
  1. Delete all that have been responded to already
  2. Respond to those that will allow you to freely move towards your goals
  3. Only use text messaging for business purposes

Using the system laid out above will free up your time to accomplish more tasks as related to your goals.  I personally “sort” all of my messages and work this system 3 times a day; at 5:30am, at noon, and at 4:30pm.  This allows me to schedule my time so that I am maximizing my efforts between 8:30am and noon as well as 1pm and 4:30pm.  Doing this allows me 7+/- hours of focus on tasks that will allow me to achieve more of my goals.  This is a great return on investment for a system that only takes between 20-30 minutes to clean out all of your notifications, messages, and mail each time.

What do you think you could do with 7+/- hours of time that you weren’t interrupted by texts and emails and messages on Facebook/twitter, and voice mails?   Consider this system if you want more WOOHOOing in all areas of your life and stop chasing the next message.

 To your success and more WOOHOOing!

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